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O1 / March 2O24 in

CPG Packaging Design: How to Make a Statement on Store Shelves

by Jesse Erasmus — 7 min read
packaging design trends 2024
26 / January 2O24 in Branding

Packaging Design: 4 Smart Trends to Explore in 2024

by Dave Korinek — 6 min read
22 / November 2O23 in

Black Friday Marketing: 7 Strategies to Supercharge Your Holiday Sales

by Jesse Erasmus — 9 min read
copywriting tips
O2 / November 2O23 in Growth

3 Simple Copywriting Tips to Enhance Your Content Messaging Today

Exceptional copywriters have a deep understanding of these 3 core writing principles. Do You?

by Eric Kroupa — 8 min read
brand naming
O4 / October 2O23 in Branding

Brand Naming: Discovering Brand Names That Stick

Your brand’s name can be one of many persuasive elements for providing a memorable experience. Let’s take a look at the history of brand naming.

by Derek Hales — 10 min read
branded merchandise design
18 / September 2O23 in Creative

Branded Merchandise - The Ultimate Hype Builder

Building a Modern Brand: How Branded Merchandise Has Become the Ultimate Hype Builder

by Mani Salazar — 12 min read
hubl advanced templating hubspot
21 / August 2O23 in Creative

HubL Pro Tips - Advanced Templating Functions For Hubspot CMS

In this post, we walk through a handful of helpful HubL techniques that can be used when building templates on the Hubspot CMS.

by Colin McGraw — 6 min read
lsi keyword research
O2 / August 2O23 in Growth

LSI Keywords: How to Nail On-Page SEO using Topical SEO

This article explains the value in identifying LSI keywords and how they can be strategically incorporated into content to boost organic rankings.

by Trey Evans — 9 min read
branding artificial intelligence
O6 / June 2O23 in Branding

Branding in the Age of AI: Unlock Opportunity & Overcome Challenges

With AI, businesses can enhance their branding efforts and create more meaningful connections with their customers.

by Nicol Grobler — 11 min read
MAGNETIC Motion Graphics Designer
25 / May 2O23 in Agency

Meet the MAG Team: 3D Motion Graphics Designer Jaco van Loggerenberg

Join us on a mini-quest to explore the origins of Jaco's artistic journey and the twists and turns that led him to become one of the MAG creators.

by Nicol Grobler — 8 min read
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