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Brand is Thicker Than Water

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We're Intercontinental

The MAGNETIC team spans most time zones and 4 continents. While our main offices are in the United States and South Africa, our clients do business all over the world. That means that at any given time, someone on our team is busting their hide to bring something original into existence.

It also means we've learned how to help brands reach consumers across the globe. There's something pretty cool about tapping into a global branding agency that never sleeps.

Temecula Temecula
33.4934°W -117.14879°N
1 Ridgegate, Suite 135 Temecula, CA 92590
Fort Collins Fort Collins
40.58897°W -105.08246°N
Satellite Denver, CO 80204
Knysna, South Africa Knysna, South Africa
-34.035774°W 23.051895°N
Shop 6 Mount Joy Corner - 2 Main Rd Knysna, South Africa 6571

We're Interdisciplinary

No one on this team works strictly within their title. We have videographers who write, account managers who produce, designers who code, and all manner of hybrid talents. The fact is, we can't afford to be one-dimensional. So we lean on our people to let their rad-ness shine in all kinds of ways.

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We Are... Adventure Seekers. Brand Builders. Strategic Thinkers. Content Creators. Creative Monsters. Technology Whisperers. Horizon Chasers. Truth Finders. Straight Shooters. And Genuine Down To Earth Folks. Sound like your kind of tribe?

We're Interwoven

No other way to say it... We love each other. Even from across the world, we're entangled in each other's lives. It doesn't matter if you reside in Temecula, Knysna, Texas, Los Angeles, Pretoria, Iowa, Fort Collins, San Diego or the frikkin' rings of Saturn.
Magnetic team members Magnetic team members

True North

There’s something beautiful in figuring stuff out. An authentic attractiveness in the process. It allows us the uniquely human ability to experience life through the lens of ‘why?’.

At Magnetic, that’s what we live for. Our purpose is to focus on helping others overcome struggles and find the greatest version of themselves. Clients, collaborators, customers and communities. It’s about inspiring each other. Learning from each other. Being vulnerable and sharing the potential within us all.

Having this capability to serve more people on a deeper level, magnify reach, impact faster and better empower others to self-actualize and create their own better realities is a privilege. So much so, that ultimately we’re not in the business of marketing. We’re in the business of belonging.

True North is every brand’s greatest adventure. The journey to being true to who you are and what you can become. A clear sight of a new reality. The place where you belong.

Global #MagFAM

We’ve rounded up some of the brightest thinkers, designers, strategists, data analysts, developers, media specialists, content creators and producers around the world. Get to know the lovely faces of Magnetic!

  • Matt Simpson

    Partner / COO

  • Dave Korinek

    Founding Partner / US CEO

  • Etienne Bruwer

    Founding Partner / SA CEO

  • Paul Venter

    Partner / CFO

  • David Carrillo

    Partner / ECD

  • Brad Hendrickson

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Gerrie van Niekerk

    Financial Manager

  • Mia Pitino

    HR / Office Manager

  • Annemarie Luck

    Head of Strategy

  • Althia Kapp

    Account Director

  • Eugene Bredenkamp

    Studio Manager

  • Mani Salazar

    Design Director

  • Tommy Eggert

    Senior Prodution Manager

  • Brett Lorenz

    Senior Video Manager

  • Lauren Spinelli

    Account Director

  • Brittany Carlson

    Account Manager

  • Marie Hentschel

    Account Manager

  • Eric Kroupa

    Senior Writer

  • Simeon Bezuidenhout

    Video Manager

  • Riana Wiechers

    Senior Writer

  • Sylvann De Robillard

    Brand Strategist

  • Bernadette Marconi

    Senior Designer

  • Thomas Condry

    Senior Designer

  • Jean-Paul Brouard

    Senior Designer

  • Candice Masson

    Growth Manager

  • Carla Voigt

    Social Media Manager

  • Cheyenne Webster

    Account Manager

  • Gemma Persello

    Social Media Manager

  • Jomarie Voges

    Finance Administrator

  • Jorge Ramirez

    Head of Web Development

  • Lani Bruwer

    Information Architect

  • LeeAnn Visser


  • Noah Korinek


  • Noël Scholtz

    Video Editor

  • Portia Matha

    Web Development

  • Ross Woodall

    Video Editor

  • Greg Hall

    SEO Specialist

  • Jess van Anraad


  • Willem van der Merwe

    Intern Digital Marketer

  • Colin Barnard

    Director of Demand Generation

  • Elizabeth Danjean

    Brand Strategist

  • Riëtte Bester


  • Gabriel Arias

    Junior Web Developer

  • Micaela Cox

    Motion Graphics Designer

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