May 10, 2024

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Best Growth Marketing Agencies: Top 7 Agencies to Consider in 2024

Pretty much every business on the planet is looking to grow their brand, revenue and profit margins.

Smart business' are also looking to grow business performance metrics like customer retention, lifetime value (LTV), and conversion rates while lowering performance metrics like customer acquisition costs (CAC), churn, and purchase abandonment. 

The adoption and tactical implementation of these business performance metrics along with the ongoing activity of tuning the assets responsible for driving them is often referred to as Growth Marketing. While some more technical and digitally forward companies employ growth marketing experts, many outsource the services to 3rd party growth marketing agencies. 

While hiring an in-house growth marketing team comes with many advantages, it also requires deep knowledge of the field, a lot of time finding the right specialists to form your team and can be quite expensive. Hiring a 3rd party growth marketing agency is a great way to catapult your business growth quickly.

But who do you hire?

Below is a shortlist of 6 of the best Growth Marketing Agencies to help you in your search for the right fit.

MAGNETIC - Strategic Brand Growth Partners


Location: North America, South America, South Africa

Founded: 2006

Growth Services Offered: Brand strategy, growth centric design, go-to-market strategy, eCommerce + retail marketing, paid media, SEM, SEO, organic content production, conversion rate optimization, inbound marketing, demand generation.

Founded in 2006, MAGNETIC has led the market through major industry shifts. This team has grown through the rise of e-commerce, social media, and digital marketing and pioneered many of the best practices known to the industry today.

MAGNETIC has grown early stage start-ups, medium to large businesses, and enterprise level Fortune 500 companies alike. And with teams in multiple continents and time zones are able to service clients in most regions of the globe.

A major differentiator with this team (and why they've earned the #1 spot on this list) is their brand strategy and creative teams which are able to be layered into the growth teams as needed. With multiple teams under the same agency roof, MAGNETIC's clients experience more streamlined brand activation and heightened creative output which compounds financial returns from their growth team services.

We highly recommend reaching out to this team if you're looking to start or scale your brands growth.

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Ladder - Adaptive Growth Agency

ladder growth agencyLocation: Remote, New York, London, and Wroclaw

Founded: 2014

Growth Services Offered: Performance Marketing, Social, Search, CRO, CRM

Ladder powers full-funnel strategy and performance solutions for global brands. With a fully remote workforce, Ladder has a large contingency of employees within Europe and scattered through the US and Europe.

Ladders mission is to help marketing teams beat their performance benchmarks through continuous, data-driven creative testing that gets smarter every month. They've deployed their growth marketing services to companies like Current, Nestle,, Floyd, and Monzo.

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Growthcurve Agency

growthcurve marketing agency

Location: London, UK

Founded: 2017

Growth Marketing Services: User acquisition, facebook ads, pay-per-click, retargeting, landing pages, growth hacking, conversion rate optimization.

Acting as an augmentation of your team, Growthcurve can become a full-stack growth department for your brand. The Growthcurve team is on a mission to make growing world-changing companies easier through growth marketing.

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Based in Arizona, Fantom Agency claims to be the #1 B2B Tech, SaaS, and DTC growth marketing agency. While this can be subjective, Fantom has definitely put up some impressive growth marketing stats for their clients.

fantom growth marketing agencyLocation: United States, Arizona

Founded in: 2017

Growth Marketing Services: Consulting, Paid Media, Landing Page Design 

Industries Served: Tech, SAAS, B2B + DTC

Fantom builds funnel marketing tactics which strategically target prospects based on the level of interest they have for the clients product or service. These cutting-edge marketing and advertising strategies help them generate the right type of leads for their customers. 

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Tuff Growth Marketing Agency

tuff growth marketing agencyLocation: United States, Colorado

Founded in: 2017

Growth Marketing Services: Conversion Optimization, Digital Strategy, Market Research, Marketing Strategy, Media Planning & Buying, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing

Industries Served: Tech, SAAS, B2B + DTC

Originally founded in 2017, Tuff's goal is to help businesses increase their revenue and customer growth through digital channels. The team at Tuff Growth works with both startups and established brands to create high impact digital marketing campaigns. Tuff builds custom teams that can integrate into a business and act as an in-house growth marketing department.

Tuffs client roster includes brands like Soona, Multiverse, Thnks, and Acres and their growth marketing services span organic tactics such as SEO, content marketing, and email marketing and paid growth tactics like paid search and paid social. As part of the Gooday Group, Tuff is located in Eagle, CO and employs a team of growth marketers remotely across the US.

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Papertoaster Growth Agency


Location: Singapore

Founded in: 2012

Growth Marketing Services: SEO, Web Builder, Social Media, Paid Media

Founded in 2012, papertoaster has been at the forefront of growth hacking. Offering growth marketing services such as influencer marketing, growth strategy, and social media, papertoaster boasts over $51 million in exits, acquisitions and profits for their client base.

Papertoaster is located in Singapore with remote growth hackers in various remote locations and primarily services client in Southeast Asia. 

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fueled-growth-digital-agencyFueled is a New York City based Growth Marketing agency focused on providing return on marketing investment. The team works primarily in app and digital product design, development, and marketing across a wide array of industries.

Working primarily in digital products, the Fueled growth team has a large concentration on user acquisition, activation, and retention to create "sticky" user experiences within apps.

" can advertise your product all day long, but if your product isn’t dedicated to your users’ needs then ultimately, your campaigns will fail."

With clients like MGM Resorts, 9Gag, and Barneys New York, Fueled is a great resource for your next app development and growth project. And with a suite of growth services spanning from marketing automation and lifecycle campaigns to central data management, attribution tracking & optimizations, and A/B testing, you can be sure they'll help take your app and audience experience seriously.

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We hope this list of the best growth marketing agencies helps you in your search for the right growth partner. 

Want to be added to the list of Growth Agencies?

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Growth Marketing FAQs

Though growth marketing is not an overly new term, many business owners and marketing directors don't have a ton of experience with it and have questions. We've tried to answer some of the most common growth marketing questions below to help you on your growth journey. 

How much do growth marketing agencies cost?

Growth marketing agency pricing can vary based on factors such as services needed, resources deployed to the account, and complexity of brand and revenue asset channels. 

Most growth agencies will prefer to work in a monthly retained services format and require a minimum of 6-24 month retainer. As a general variance, you can expect to be spending around $10,000 / month as a starting retainer price for a good growth marketing agency.

How quickly do I see results from Growth Marketing?

Seasoned growth teams will deploy a strategy which audits and analyzes the current revenue generating activities and narrows first touch growth needs by lowest effort to highest impact growth tactics. When deployed correctly, this strategy can lead to relatively immediate results.

The most experienced marketing agencies will use revenue economics to help set short term and long term goals for your business. These goals will be based on factual data your business will need to provide in order to be accurate. It's not uncommon for experienced growth teams to turn away clients too shy to share financial data as it inhibits them from setting realistic goals and milestones. 

How do I hire an in-house growth marketing team?

Hiring an in-house growth marketing team can be challenging. In order to hire in-house, you'll need to have a deep understanding of the discipline and enough acumen to be able to make your first hire. In our experience, your first hire is critical in long term growth success and should be a lead role such as Growth Director or higher. 

If your company hasn't deployed growth services into your business before, it likely makes sense to use an agency to get your team accustom to deploying growth tactics into your business. Once you've settled and your team has been developed a better understanding (and appreciation for) of this style of marketing, you can look to deploy fractional growth marketing team members and/or full-time.

What growth marketing metrics should I be monitoring?

There are an ever growing and changing set of growth marketing metrics businesses can and possibly should monitor. There are also a ton of buzz words surrounding marketing in general. 

In an effort to keep things actionable, we've drilled down to the 7 most critical marketing metrics to track.  

Have more growth marketing questions?

Sound off in the comments and we'll answer them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. 

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