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social media growth marketing
15 / October 2O22 in Growth

The Role of Organic Social Media in Growth Marketing

Should all brands be pumping their budgets into paid ads or should they continue to invest resources into building followers using free ad space?

by Jake Tyler — 10 min read
epicurrence montues thumb
25 / September 2O22 in Creative

Montues - Creative Adventures in Lake Tahoe

Two full days of snowboarding and non-stop creative adventure at Northstar

by David Carrillo — 8 min read
hand lettered logo design
O4 / May 2O22 in Creative

Hand Lettering Tutorial – Transform Your Design from Pencil to Vector

Join our design team on a hand lettering tutorial and the steps we take here at MAGNETIC to create custom hand lettered designs.

by David Carrillo — 6 min read
custom designed illustrated alphabet
O8 / September 2O21 in Creative

Graphic Design Passion Project - Custom Illustrated Alphabet

One of MAGNETIC’s own, Kasey Mahoney designed a Custom Illustrated Alphabet 30-day passion project, with the goal of helping his nephew learn the alphabet.

by David Carrillo — 3 min read
shopify partners
15 / April 2O21 in Creative

Shopify Unite 2018 Recap – New Features for Shopify Partners and Merchants

Creating more Opportunity for Shopify Partners and Merchants

by Matt Simpson — 8 min read
brand equity artwork
O1 / February 2O2O in Creative

Building Brand Equity with Love

See How Monster Energy is building brand equity with its customers via a heartfelt and personal art project.

by David Carrillo — 3 min read
velocity js tutorial
O6 / December 2O19 in Creative

Velocity JS Tutorial - Common Animation & UI Patterns

Explore the differences in implementation of common components between jQuery & Velocity

by Matt Simpson — 4 min read
bigcommerce cart development
17 / November 2O18 in Creative

Adding Multiple Items to the Cart in Big Commerce

How to programmatically add multiple items to a BigCommerce shopping cart via AJAX on a single event.

by Matt Simpson — 3 min read
ongoing digital education
O9 / November 2O18 in Creative

Ongoing Education in the Digital Era

Staying sharp in the digital era – Everyone has something to learn

by Riette Bester — 5 min read
masonry tutorial code
O1 / August 2O18 in Creative

Masonry Tutorial: Learn to Code a Pinterest Layout Blog Design

In this Masonry tutorial, we’ll help get your blog looking sleek and elegant with a Pinterest-like layout using Masonry JS.

by Trey Evans — 3 min read
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