December 2, 2022

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Ping Pong: Keeping A Mentally Sharp Creative Agency

Alzheimer’s Weekly claims ping pong is becoming a promising way to prevent Alzheimer’s and keep the mind sharp.

The day is coming to its end. The tension, high. Crowds huddle around what could be an epic upset. As the two opponents glare into each other’s souls, the first move is made. The two battle it out tirelessly. No clear victor can be foreseen. Even the most accustomed viewers tremble at the sight of such vigor. Even when the end looks so near for one, they battle back to stay alive in an attempt to claim victory.

The reward? Pride.

The risk? Humiliation.

Suddenly, with a swift hit heard round the world, a champion is born. What war story am I illustrating you ask? Nay, no war can match this ferocity. I speak of course, of Ping Pong.

creative agency ping pong

The ping pong table in our creative agency office is a sanctuary.

Table tennis, also known as ping pong, has become a staple amongst agency culture. Dating back to Victorian England as “whiff-whaff”, this alluring indoor racquet sport has made itself a fundamental part of the office workday for many companies worldwide.

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The ping pong table in our office acts as a creative sanctuary. A safe zone to let it all out for a brief moment when work can be overbearing. It’s a friendly way to compete with your co-workers in an attempt to see who is the proverbial boss of the table.

A CEO or Creative Director has no power over anyone during those few minutes of a match. You make your own fate with the swing of your paddle. In our team’s case, personalized custom paddles. Yes, it’s that serious.

brain stimulation ping pong

We are all aware of how beneficial getting out of the chair every once in a while can be. But ping pong goes beyond being a good break to boost overall productivity. It’s considered the world’s best brain sport.

Ping pong is key to keeping a mentally sharp creative agency.

Let’s talk numbers, because we really just care about the easiest way to get that beach body. Even a basic volley, or rally, is a full body workout. Twisting, swinging, bending down low, and reaching high work your upper and lower body in all sorts of ways.

“ Health Fitness Revolution averages that a 150-pound person can burn 272 calories in an hour playing ping pong. ”

According to Daniel G. Amen, MD, ping pong is not only highly aerobic, it’s the best sport for your brain. Ping pong is most well known for boosting your hand eye coordination and reflexes, which trigger your parietal lobes and cerebellum. Simply focusing on tracking the ball through the air is a killer workout for your prefrontal cortex.

So, the next time someone criticizes you for “playing” too much, fire back with how much you’re training your basal ganglia or anterior cingulated gyrus.

Both of which control your overall temperament. They are the key to calming nerves before a match or keeping your cursing to a minimum while losing.

The best way to stay sharp and focused. Tracking the ping pong ball works your prefrontal cortex. 

Concerned about the older members at your office? Not to worry, ping pong is doable for athletes of all ages. Yes, I said athlete. You doubt me? Watch any Olympic Games since 1988. In fact, it’s more beneficial for the elderly whiff-whaffers.

“Alzheimer’s Weekly claims ping pong is becoming a promising way to prevent Alzheimer’s and keep the mind sharp.”

Have you heard enough yet? Do yourself and your co-workers a favor, get a ping pong table. Let the culture building, brain sharpening, calorie burning, trash talking fun begin. Make the most out of your state mandated breaks. Before you know it, your team will have custom paddles and completive brackets filled up. After all the client work is done of course…

Game On.

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