Life Technologies Brand Story
Life Technologies

Creative Messaging & Brand Strategy for Biotech Company

Mark Collie Brand Story

Mark Collie

Mark Collie approached Magnetic and tasked us with reinventing his personal brand. After making his presence felt in country music in the early 1990’s, it was up to us to capture his journey – where he is, where he’s been, and where he’s going.

Mark Collie Story


Our approach to launching FUGOO, a new Bluetooth Speaker, to the Consumer Electronics market. A branding & marketing approach as rugged as the speaker itself.

Fugoo Story


From initial concept ideation to campaign development, we work with Life Technologies to develop sophisticated creative that embodies the brand. Working closely with the creative and marketing teams, Magnetic is a go to partner when it comes to world class creative and strategy.

Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Campaign Concepting
  • Creative Development
  • Design & Production
  • High-End Photo Compositing
  • Print Collateral

Branding and Strategy

As a thought leader in Life Sciences, it’s imperative to push the boundaries of creativity to match the imagination of the science and invention that happens behind the walls of Life Technologies everyday. We were engaged to develop a campaign for the corporate brand that highlighted it’s years of innovation across all their product lines. Life Technologies is represented by every person, cell, machine and technology and that became the essence of the campaign.

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Life Technologies market strategy
science background
science background


The science of Imagination. Taking the thought leadership concept a bit further, we turned the focus to the people behind the company. The amazing minds of Life Technologies embrace this deep spirit of collaboration with the scientific community. It’s about making the world a better place, shaping discovery and improving life together.


Magnetic was tasked with developing a campaign for these nano-sized vesicles showcasing these researchers and scientists as pioneers of the industry. This emerging research field will have a tremendous impact on the study of cancer, immunology, the potential future of therapeutic and diagnostic applications. We embraced the exosome scientists as the future explorers of this new field of study and our goal was to empower them to keep pushing. The world is your exosome. Go explore it.

exosome research artwork
exosome spray
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exosome research products
better instruments
future explorer


Over the last few years we’ve been developing all the main visual concepts and high end photography composites for the company’s annual calendar. In 2013, the concept was to integrate DNA into all aspects of Life’s product portfolio and in 2014 we focused on integrating cells and science into larger than life scenarios. The result - epic imagery that captivated customers and investors.

Print Collateral

Every quarter Life Technologies delivers an issue of Life in the Lab to all of it’s customers. Inside is full of fresh content - stories, interviews, videos and product information. The goal: Create an engaging scientainment experience for labs across the globe. We re-designed the template from the ground up to create a cohesive branded series of spreads with a modern layout structure and flexibility to create custom visuals for each story or product pages.

life in the lab front cover
life in the lab back cover
magazine spread for Life Technologies
perfect protein pairs life technologies
from gene to protein life techonologies