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Branding startup companies is a blast, especially when you’re working with a product as unique as funoogles.

Funoogles Story

Mio Global

Mio Global was the first to introduce heart rate wristbands. By the time Magnetic arrived, the functional benefit of tracking heart rate had become fairly standard. It was time for a rebranding strategy that would help mature Mio’s emotional appeal.

Mio Global Story

Creative Brief

When we first met the good folks at Pieology, their brand had gained acclaim as the new "Chipotle of Pizza". With momentum on their side, Pieology turned to Magnetic Creative to evaluate and rebrand the restaurant chain in time for a major franchise expansion year.

What We Did

  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • International
  • Website
  • Branding
  • Mobile & Tablet
  • Traditional Media

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Building the Brand

As pizza lovers, we were already big fans of the make-your-own-pizza concept. Reshaping the Pieology restaurant branding began with a long look at its foundations.

We set about creating a visual style, brand persona and tone of voice by which to anchor all creative. The goal was to achieve peak relevance with sticky visuals that captured Pieology’s passion, unlimited toppings, and focus on community.

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Designing the In Store Experience

Bringing creative into web design, POP and promotional efforts is one thing. Understanding how guests would interact with it in-store is a different animal altogether. We wanted to bring a modern and sophisticated flavor to the In Store experience at Pieology.

    As it happens, Pieology’s founder is a huge fan of inspirational quotes. His love for quotes has manifested itself on a giant quote wall within every restaurant. We aimed to take this concept a step further by reimagining the experience in store.

    We infused Pieology’s brand into every word until arriving at a dynamic, inspiring and geographically relevant focal point for all Pieology guests.

    Lifestyle Photography

    As a fun, inspirational brand, we knew the lifestyle photography for the restaurant couldn’t be too staged or commercialized. This is fast casual after all. We wanted to capture an authentic experience from the customer’s point of view, which led our team to focus on candid, slice of life photography (pun intended).

    Ingredients First

    From the beginning, our branding mood boards set out to make the ingredients the star of the show. After all it’s your pizza with the all the ingredients you select so we wanted to capture that. Fun, playful and delicious looking food, created by you.


    Our goal was to visually share this idea that Pieology is truly a place to get together and spend some time with family and friends. We set out to capture real moments, not staged or over produced. Real people enjoying their favorite things... pizza and good times.


    Pieology employees (pieologists) are experience makers. They help people create these amazing, artistic pizzas by suggesting ingredients, possible combinations and adding the final touches. These folks really enjoy what they do and we wanted to showcase that in the restaurant photography.

    Ingredient Mandalas

    Among the most stunning elements in Pieology’s new visual vocabulary is the “ingredient mandala”. Mandalas are geometric figures symbolic of a dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity. With unlimited pizza toppings in mind, Magnetic set

    about creating and compositing pizza mandalas–striking visuals that cast ingredients as the hero of the brand experience. Each mandala, like each guest, has a personality of its own. And it all shines through via warm, delicious pizza.

    Digital Content Creation

    To compete in a rapidly growing fast casual restaurant market requires more than an exceptional custom pizza. Pieology needed to dish out exceptional content too. At Magnetic, we developed and implemented a content strategy focused on reducing the gap between digital and in-store experiences. With video, social engagement, in-store engagement and social crowdsourcing, we were able to capture and convey what it feels like to create your own perfect pizza.

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    Taking The Brand Online

    Magnetic redesigned pieology.com from the ground up to reflect our new lifestyle brand. The idea was to marry Pieology’s freedom of choice with our guests’ freedom to create. Paralleling the make-your-own experience, the new pieology.com includes a community wall featuring fresh guest content like pizza ideas, tweets, commentary, photography and videos.

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