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Uncovering the Humanity Within Brands


Brand Intelligence is about guiding and nurturing companies to be part of a very human world. For Magnetic that means defining True North and helping companies discover the best possible version of themselves all in the effort to share it with the world. As a business and brand consultancy, our work is analyzing businesses, helping to give clarity for the organization, and defining a narrative that's primed for audience engagement.

Like any new relationship, there's a lot of learning that takes place (on both sides). In this phase, we discover a brand's soul, lend it a voice, and unearth a path to audiences' hearts and minds, whether that's in-person, in-store, or online.

Here's how we do it...

Dave Korinek
Dave Korinek

Research & Discovery

This is where we immerse ourselves in your brand and audit everything to fully understand the current situation. Together, we’ll conduct and curate primary and secondary research, turning every stone to find unbiased data that informs the brand strategy. We evaluate the existing digital footprint, marketing materials, communication approach, speak to customers and stakeholders, assess the competitive landscape, and conduct brand workshops to identify short and long-term opportunities for your brand.

By the end of research and discovery, we’ll have a rich understanding of the company's ownable position in the market. We'll know what matters to the audience, how we fit into the competitive landscape, and insights on what makes the brand relevant.

Brand Strategy

Here’s where we take everything learned through research and the brand workshop to establish (or re-establish) an ownable space in the target audience’ hearts and minds. This involves defining the brand's True North, brand narrative, personality, tone of voice, communication approach… everything that makes a brand relatable, connected, and engaging.

At the completion of the Brand Strategy phase, we’ll have defined what we call the Brand DNA: an actionable communications guide that defines the brand’s essence and gives everyone a foundation from which to build. When every level of the organization is working with the same baseline, the results are consistently positive and prepares the company for scale and growth. When a company is properly aligned, it creates collaboration and guidance to market, sell, and support the business from every aspect.

Brand Development

In this critical stage, we establish how your brand thinks, acts, and appears so we can start communicating with the audience in a meaningful way. This involves everything behind-the-scenes like brand architecture, content strategy, and campaign planning, plus forward-facing initiatives like naming and logo development.

Once complete, you’ll have an actionable brand that’s meaningful to your team and positioned to connect with your audience.

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