Nexgrill Big Game Campaign


As the big game loomed, Nexgrill was ready to ignite the flames of competition and camaraderie.



A Big Idea That Cooked. Just Like We Drew It Up.

Nexgrill’s ‘Quarterback Your Cookout’ campaign was a masterclass in engaging a community of grill enthusiasts and football fans alike. Tasked with creating a buzz around Nexgrill’s innovative product lineup while tapping into the excitement of game day, Magnetic devised a strategy that was both inclusive and inspiring. By inviting fans to share their game day grilling masterpieces, we not only showcased the versatility of Nexgrill products, but also fostered a sense of community among grillers nationwide.

Creative Intelligence

No Hail Mary Needed

Magnetic orchestrated a dynamic, multi-channel marketing campaign that left fans cheering for more. With a combination of strategies, including a finely tuned landing page, targeted paid media efforts, email blasts, organic social content, influencer partnerships, eye-catching Pinterest ads, hype-building TikTok campaigns, and YouTube Ads you wouldn’t want to skip, every play was executed with care.

Our secret sauce? A winning blend of creative assets, sharp copywriting, and a rock-solid brand strategy that tied everything together. From the first ad to the final email, Magnetic left no stone unturned, ensuring that every channel worked together harmoniously to drive engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty. With our team at the helm, success isn't just a goal – it's a guarantee.

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Collaborating with

Guest Grill Guru Miguel Raya

Renowned social media influencer Miguel Raya of @cooking_with_fire___ has grown a fanatical social audience by showcasing his love for grilling, cooking, and food in general. He judged entries submitted with #QBYourCookout based on Presentation, Originality, Execution, and Creativity.

Our collaboration with Miguel significantly contributed to boosting views and engagement, with his recipe video garnering the highest views, reach, and engagements throughout the campaign period. Miguel's recipe videos were authentically shot, reflecting a realistic home barbecue setting in order to inspire our audience: real-life, at-home foodies.

NexGrill_Branded-Influencer-marketing-design NexGrill_Branded-Influencer-marketing-design
superbowl Influencer campaign collaboration

The Main event

Mouth Watering. Eye Catching.

Nexgrill's drool-inducing recipe reels served as a source of inspiration and empowerment for backyard barbecuers, igniting their passion for outdoor cooking on game day and every day.

The downloadable recipe booklet served as a valuable take-home asset, ensuring that the magic of great grilling can be enjoyed year-round, even during the off-season. Packed with a treasure trove of delicious recipes and expert tips, this booklet became a trusted companion, guiding enthusiasts through culinary adventures beyond grilling’s peak season.

  • Oakford Smoked Chili
  • Philly Cheesesteak on the Griddle
  • pulled pork sliders with tomatillo avocado sauce
  • Influencer Video

Reels & Collabs

  • 417,812


  • 398,808


  • 245,168

    Video Views

  • 6,050


NexGrill_Gated-asset-branding-design NexGrill_Gated-asset-branding-design
Downloadable Recipe Playbook

A chance to show off your winning plays

Crafting Touchdown Tested Recipes

With our playbook of sizzling recipes and top-notch tips, Nexgrill and Magnetic gave everyone a chance to score at their backyard BBQ. From smoked chili to Sriracha wings, we created the only playbook anyone needs to beef up their grilling on game day.

NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-food-and-beverage NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-food-and-beverage
Recipe inspiration social media Posts
NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-food NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-food
NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-recipe-download NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-recipe-download
NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-football NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-football
NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-football-gated-asset NexGrill_Social-media-Marketing-campaign-football-gated-asset

A Game Day performance for the books

A Replay Review from All Angles

We scored big with Nexgrill's ‘Quarterback Your Cookout’ campaign. We dominated the metaphorical field with results that surpassed the industry standard. Keep scrolling to see how each play added up to our total quarterback rating.

1. Meta & Instagram Advertising

We brought our best performance across the campaign with three sets of creative. Paid advertising served nearly half a million impressions, click-through rate soared to 1.77% – that's .87% higher than the industry average. Our cost effective content kept viewers glued to the screen like it's the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

2. Email Campaigns

We achieved 26,282 unique opens across four emails. The campaigns featured a campaign launch, an announcement of our downloadable recipe book, a last chance announcement, and to wrap things up, we offered a 50% discount on all grilling accessories the week following the big game. This made everyone a winner.

3. Tiktok advertising

With nearly 250,000 video views and a double-than-industry-standard view rate, we spread this campaign faster than rumors in the locker room.

4. Pinterest advertising

Pinterest served 150,000+ impressions, generating both cost-efficient views and clicks. Nexgrill enjoyed 10,554 completed, 100% duration video views.
NexGrill_Cookout-football-YouTube-marketing-Campaign NexGrill_Cookout-football-YouTube-marketing-Campaign
NexGrill_Cookout-football-Email-marketing-Campaign NexGrill_Cookout-football-Email-marketing-Campaign
NexGrill_Cookout-football-Pinterest-marketing-Campaign NexGrill_Cookout-football-Pinterest-marketing-Campaign
NexGrill_Cookout-football-TikTok-marketing-Campaign NexGrill_Cookout-football-TikTok-marketing-Campaign
NexGrill_Superbowl-giveaway-Paid-Media-campaign NexGrill_Superbowl-giveaway-Paid-Media-campaign
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NexGrill_Superbowl-grill-giveaway-Paid-Media-campaign NexGrill_Superbowl-grill-giveaway-Paid-Media-campaign
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Campaign Results - 02.03.23 - 02.13.23

  • 1,125,338


  • 11,827

    Landing Page Sessions

  • 648,276


  • 668


  • 440,200

    Users Reached

  • 315

    Hashtags Used

  • 635,781

    Video Views

  • 279



Dominating the Digital Gridiron

By these metrics, ‘Quarterback Your Cookout’ was nothing short of a game-changer for Nexgrill, proving you don’t need to spend millions to see major results at the big game.

Ready to draw up something similar for your CPG brand? Let's make some winning plays of our own.

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