Crafting simple with a complex discrete manufacturer

iBase-t partnered with Magnetic to rebuild its brand from the ground floor. Emphasizing simplicity in a space where complexity runs rampant.

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A Complex World Demands Simple Solutions

iBase-t is a leading provider of manufacturing and quality software solutions for complex, highly regulated industries such as aerospace and defense, medical devices, and nuclear power. These industries demand not just precision but also compliance with stringent regulations, making iBase-t's offerings critical yet complex. Recognizing the challenge of conveying the sophistication of its products amidst growing competition, iBase-t partnered with Magnetic to streamline its brand and visual language, ensuring it reflects the simplicity and advanced nature of its solutions.

What followed was a brand transformation that redefined iBase-t, arming the manufacturer with a brand and visual language that clearly communicates its value proposition: delivering simple solutions to complex manufacturing challenges. This evolution not only reinforced iBase-t's position as an industry leader, but also demonstrated the power of clarity and simplicity in a complex world.

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a new chapter begins

Refining Our Name For Whatever Comes Next

iBase-t's legacy name, 'iBASEt', posed significant challenges in readability and pronunciation, hindering brand recall and engagement. Magnetic's strategic pivot to 'iBase-t' was driven by a commitment to intuitiveness—a reflection of the brand's mission to simplify complex processes. This reformatting was more than a cosmetic change. It was a intentional reflection of iBase-t's approach to innovation, making sophisticated solutions accessible and understandable.

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Logo Design That Speaks for Itself

With naming decisions locked in, it was time to craft a logo that communicates iBase-t’s core values at a glance. The redesigned logo is a visual affirmation of iBase-t's commitment to human intelligence, forward-thinking, and technological excellence. Each element of the logo was thoughtfully designed to convey a specific aspect of the iBase-t identity.

  • The 'i' at the beginning stands as a symbol for the human element in technology, emphasizing the importance of user-centric design and personal expertise in the development and application of iBase-t's solutions.
  • 'iBase', written in a clear, accessible font, improves readability and suggests a reliable foundation of knowledge.
  • The arrow, neatly separating 'iBase' and 't', points forward, representing progress and the company's commitment to innovation and forward momentum.
  • Finally, the 't' anchors the logo in its technological roots, signifying iBase-t's industry focus and expertise.

This logo is not just a symbol but a narrative device, seamlessly extending across iBase-t's product range to ensure a cohesive and recognizable brand presence.

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Manufacturing a legacy

Setting the Tone with Strategic Color Choice

Magnetic's vision for iBase-t extended beyond its immediate rebranding. By establishing a dominant color palette of blue and orange, we aimed to position iBase-t as a titan of innovation and reliability for the long haul.

Blue reflects depth, stability, and trust, while orange offers a vibrant contrast, symbolizing energy and creativity. This strategic choice ensures iBase-t stands out in the crowded market, owning a unique visual identity that's as bold and forward-thinking as its solutions.

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"The best time to really consider a rebrand is when you're looking at your markets and want to best grow and position yourselves... It's about driving awareness and the knowledge of the value that your company brings. Magnetic helped us take a step back to better understand who we were are now, where we want to go and why that matters to our customers. After 30 years in business it was time to re-position ourselves. They helped us redefine who we are and what we're all about from from a brand, visual, value and messaging perspective. It's motivating to see a new brand come to life, make us relevant today and set the stage for sustainable growth."

Tom Hennessey

iBase-T Chief Marketing Officer

iBase-t tradeshow presentation iBase-t tradeshow presentation

Unveiling the future

A Milestone Moment at PTC Liveworx 2023

The unveiling of the new iBase-t brand at PTC Liveworx 2023 stood as a significant milestone in the company's history, showcasing the culmination of months of meticulous planning, strategic foresight, and creative execution. This event, set against the backdrop of one of the industry's most anticipated technology conferences, introduced iBase-t's reimagined identity to the world.

A dynamic brand video led the presentation, encapsulating iBase-t's mission into a compelling narrative. Alongside the Brand Video, talking head interviews with key iBase-t employees offered rich insight into the vision fueling iBase-t's evolution, revealing the challenges faced and strategic decisions shaping the company's future.

Also central to the event was a series customer success stories, which illustrated iBase-t's significant impact on the industry. These testimonials provided concrete evidence of how iBase-t's solutions have enabled companies to achieve tangible results, cementing the brand's role as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency in even the most complex, regulated sectors.

Though we’re nearing the end of this Brand Story, the PTC Liveworx 2023 reveal marked the beginning of iBase-t’s next chapter. By sharing its transformation on a global stage, iBase-t signaled its intent to lead the advancement of critical discrete software solutions for the world’s most complex manufacturing problems.

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