VVater and Magnetic banded together to strengthen and secure the former’s status as an industry icon.

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Changing the Course of Humanity, One Gallon of Water at a Time

Since its inception, the company formerly known as GAST Clearwater has set the standard for water treatment. Its consistent development of proprietary purification technology has even garnered early comparisons as ‘the Tesla of its industry’.

And so, the company approached Magnetic Creative with an ostensibly simple request: overhaul the brand to reflect its state-of-the-art tech and tremendous global impact. The starting block? A new and improved name, more representative of who the company is and where they’re going.
After exploring numerous options, one stood out above the rest. A name worthy of those leading the charge in 21st-century water treatment: VVater.

Familiar yet avant-garde, replacing the W with a double-V is more than a stylistic choice. It makes a statement about wanting to reinvent the known, push boundaries, and set the standard for water treatment technology. But a new name was only the beginning for VVater, and what followed was one epic rebranding adventure.

vvater-logo-redesign vvater-logo-redesign
redesigned primary logo


Harmonizing Audience Perception with Brand Identity

Reinvention calls for improvement across the board. This rings true for people and brands, so Magnetic set out to define VVater’s new brand persona, by investigating how the brand views itself and how it’s perceived by the public. After all, perception is reality, and this would shape the water treatment icon’s updated tone of voice, messaging, and creative approach.

Our research and findings unanimously showed VVater’s motivation and commitment to drive positive change – not just for its benefit, but for all humanity. With a mission to improve the world through innovative water treatment solutions and equipped with relentless determination, the Visionary Hero persona emerged as a fluid match.

VVater’s newly crafted persona ultimately led to us developing a more fitting brand tone of voice. One that embodies boldness, confidence, and a commitment to empowerment.

vvater-brand-guidlines vvater-brand-guidlines
Brand Guidelines
vvater brand values vvater brand values
vvater-brand-strategy vvater-brand-strategy

"Our challenge was twofold: modernize a brand in a fairly outdated public service delivery field and humanize it, making it more approachable by personifying its importance to the human race. Tech brands such as Apple and Tesla were able to pioneer how the public perceived not only them, but also the advancements they contributed to the industry. This was the tone we wanted to set for VVater, which has revolutionized water purification technology."

Eugene Bredenkamp

Studio director

vvater-key-art-direction vvater-key-art-direction
vvater logo suite design vvater logo suite design
vvater-key-art-styling vvater-key-art-styling
business card design vvater business card design vvater
Business Cards


Embracing a Fresh Visual Direction

After establishing its persona and, subsequently, tone of voice, Magnetic set out to overhaul VVater’s visual identity. The brand’s past imagery, design style, and aesthetic were very much on par with its contemporaries. However, that wouldn’t do anymore.

VVater required cleaner, tech-inspired visuals to usher in its new era – and to set itself apart from the competition. Which is exactly what we delivered.

vvater-branded-corporate-signage vvater-branded-corporate-signage
corporate signage

"In developing the brand, our focus was on cultivating a sense of intentionality, precision, and industrial-like refined sophistication. Opting for a minimalistic set of responsive logos and lockups ensured versatility and consistency across various applications."

Mani Salazar

associate creative director

  • vvater building signage design vvater building signage design
  • vvater branded waterbottle vvater branded waterbottle


Breathing New Life Into the Logo

A subsidiary of GAST Global, the GAST Clearwater logo featured the same eagle icon as its parent company. Although both the name and typography used hinted at the brand’s industry, Magnetic saw room for modernization. 

Combine the minimalist and utilitarian with the contemporary, and you have VVater’s latest logo. Simplicity and purpose were at the forefront of the Magnetic designers’ minds throughout logo exploration. Void of needless embellishments, the primary logo conveys a sense of movement while offering asymmetrical intrigue via its offset icon.

Finally, the seamless fusion of two Vs forms a distinct W. This unique identifier aids in brand recognition without distracting from the logo’s overall sophistication. This icon or sub-mark logo design is reminiscent of a water droplet and an upside-down V. VVater’s use of electricity (think volt/V) in its signature electroporation process inspired this duality.

vvater-website-redesign vvater-website-redesign
Website Redesign


Enhancing the Design Style

Overall, VVater’s updated design aesthetic is one of understated elegance. Inspired by tech giants such as Apple and Tesla, Magnetic’s designers incorporated approachable futuristic imagery that spoke to the brand’s ambitions. They also paid particular attention to white space, using a grid layout that provides the designs ample breathing room.

To complement the redesigned logo’s utilitarian style, our designers also stuck to a ‘less is more’ philosophy for the brand’s color palette. Clean and minimalist, the classic combination of black and white is easy on the eyes. As for the shade of desaturated slate blue – this accent color effectively emphasizes those aspects VVater wants attention drawn to, while underscoring the brand’s machinelike refinement.

vvater branded trailer design vvater branded trailer design


Creating Compelling Explainer Videos

The final deliverable of Magnetic’s VVater rebrand was a series of videos on advanced water treatment solutions. Due to the topics’ innate complexity, Magnetic’s videography and motion graphics teams had their work cut out for them. However, what they delivered was simple, sophisticated, and easily understood: FAB (features, advantages, and benefits) and  3D animated videos that put everything into perspective.

A combination of 3D animation and B-roll made both videos come alive, while overlay copy clarified particularly complicated visuals. The interplay between all these elements resulted in videos that held viewers’ attention and left them with a basic understanding of what VVater has to offer.

  • Features and Benefits video
  • Explainer video
vvater-branded-shipping-container vvater-branded-shipping-container


Measuring Success

Magnetic faced a tight deadline during the VVater rebrand, yet we still came out on top. Thanks to constant communication between both parties and our dedicated team, we not only got the job done, but exceeded all expectations.

While our collaboration with VVater remains ongoing, the future looks unequivocally bright. Both for the newly reborn brand – and a world that depends on its success.

"Working on VVater’s rebrand was a real highlight. Our team didn’t just meet a tight deadline; we nailed it – showing our commitment to excellence. Seeing the client love what we delivered right off the bat was fantastic. It really speaks to the passion and dedication we pour into every project."

Marie Hentschel

Account Manager

vvater-key-art-branded-billboard vvater-key-art-branded-billboard


Work with Us and Start Winning

This was hardly our first rodeo. We’ve been helping brands like yours since 2006. Whether you need a full rebrand (like VVater’s) or something less extreme, Magnetic is here to help your business grow.

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