Rebranding Naturvet for a new generation of pet parents

Leading the pack on a full rebrand and ecommerce website for the leader in pet supplement manufacturing.

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Supplementing Success: Taking an Established Market Leader Over the Top

For 25 years, NaturVet, a leading producer of natural pet supplements in the United States, has allowed its origin story to speak volumes. The journey began with Founder Scott Garmon's quest to find relief for his beloved Labrador's degenerative hip issues. This personal mission not only led to the creation of a joint support supplement but also laid the foundation for what would become a trusted name in pet health and wellness. As NaturVet evolved, it became synonymous with high-quality, natural supplements designed to enhance the lives of pets across the country.

Despite its storied success and established reputation, NaturVet recognized the shifting dynamics within the rapidly growing pet wellness industry. Emerging brands began to carve out significant market share, signaling a need for NaturVet to reaffirm its position and connect with a new generation of pet owners.

What quickly unfolded was a complete brand refresh, along with a new e-commerce site, which would help NaturVet continue its growth in an increasingly competitive pet market.

NaturVet rebrand key art design NaturVet rebrand key art design
Early key art exploration

Research + brand intelligence

Rebranding NaturVet for a New Generation of Pet Parents

To start our brand refresh on solid foundation, our strategy team set out to conduct comprehensive research in order to deepen our understanding of our customers and the broader pet industry landscape. Stakeholder and customer surveys revealed an unexpected shift: our customer base was skewing younger, primarily driven by millennials. This demographic, we learned, is delaying traditional family milestones in favor of pet companionship, representing a digitally savvy consumer group with a willingness to invest in products that align with their values.

Armed with these insights, we reshaped NaturVet's brand narrative and tone, updated customer personas, and revitalized the company's core values. All leading us to a punchy new tagline that would quickly, yet thoughtfully, encapsulate our new direction:

NaturVet. How People Love Their Pets.

Naturvet Branding core values Naturvet Branding core values
Core Values from the Brand DNA
Naturvet Brand Narrative Design Naturvet Brand Narrative Design
Brand Narrative from the Brand DNA

A new view is on the horizon

Cultivating a New Visual Language from Rich Heritage

NaturVet's roots stretch back to the early '90s in Temecula Valley, an area celebrated for its picturesque wineries and lush vineyards, often referred to as wine country. Despite the city's growth, Temecula has retained its small-town allure and character, qualities that deeply resonate with NaturVet's brand ethos. Proudly manufacturing in the US and committed to using clean, natural ingredients, NaturVet's identity is as authentic and grounded as its hometown.

With the logo already holding significant brand equity, our challenge was to evolve the brand without losing sight of its legacy. So, we embraced a more vibrant color palette, selected a new brand font, and incorporated design elements such as icons and image treatments to breathe new life into the brand. We also introduced a unique visual element inspired by the rolling hills of Temecula’s wine country, a nod to nature as well as where it all started.

The culmination of our early design efforts was a refined style board that seamlessly blended all these elements. When presented to the leadership team, it struck a chord, instantly resonating and marking the beginning of a new chapter for NaturVet.

Naturvet Branding styles Naturvet Branding styles
Brand Style Board
Naturvet Brand typography styles Naturvet Brand typography styles
Replatformed Home Page Design
NaturVet rebrand design NaturVet rebrand design
Naturvet branding design car wrap Naturvet branding design car wrap

Packaging revamp

Seizing the Spotlight In-Store

The unveiling of NaturVet's new visual identity marked a pivotal moment for the brand to reassert its presence within its category, with the goal of regaining the enthusiasm of retail partners and winning new customers. With the stakes this high, every element on the packaging, from visual hierarchy to category architecture (the colored band you see at the top of each package), was perfected to make sure NaturVet’s products would stand out on store shelves.

Given the stringent regulations governing pet supplements, our team was also tasked with ensuring that every statement and design element on the packaging complied with industry standards.

Sexy? No way. But essential to the brand’s success? You bet.

Compliance standards aside, we aimed for designs that people would be proud to display, whether at home on their countertops or around highly-trafficked areas of the store.

Naturvet Packaging design rebranding Naturvet Packaging design rebranding
Packaging design Product line up

web + e-commerce

Creating a Fur-ever Home for the New NaturVet

With NaturVet's brand evolution, the introduction of new products, and a fresh take on social media and advertising, the stage was set for NaturVet to initiate its direct-to-consumer sales journey. This significant shift necessitated a complete revamp of its existing website, transitioning from its old CMS to Shopify. Our goal was to create a robust e-commerce platform capable of handling the influx of traffic from NaturVet’s loyal customer base and beyond.

Given NaturVet's extensive product lineup, it was crucial to offer a user-friendly way for pet owners to find exactly what they needed for their furry friends. Collaborating closely with the NaturVet team, we crafted a wealth of blogs and educational content, guiding consumers through the maze of choices. Additionally, we developed a straightforward quiz that seamlessly leads customers to personalized product recommendations, ensuring every pet gets the care they deserve.

Naturvet shopify website e-commerce design Naturvet shopify website e-commerce design
Naturvet Shopify site
  • Naturvet E-commerce mobile design Naturvet E-commerce mobile design
    Mobile Home Page
  • NaturVet E-commerce product detail page NaturVet E-commerce product detail page
    Product Detail Page

Results of Rebranding NaturVet

  • 300%+

    Subscription growth in first year

  • 700%+

    Increase in new social media followers YoY

  • 200+

    Packaging Redesigns

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