MAGNETIC wins Silver W3 Award for funoogles website

We’re honored to announce reception of a W3 Award for our recent work on the funoogles website. Help us celebrate with a cyber high five!

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MAGNETIC wins Silver W3 Award for funoogles website

As we prepare for the approaching holiday season, we’ve been graced with a few early gifts and celebrations. Each year we pour our hearts into our work. None of our projects receive more or less energy or attention than the next. Our team celebrates most when our work makes positive impacts for our clients and their businesses. Winning awards for the same work is just the icing on the cake. Seeing our work judged and awarded by top industry peers shines reassurance on the decisions we make and the focus we apply throughout the year.

We’re honored to announce our W3 Award for our work on the funoogles website.

On September 23rd we were congratulated by The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts on our work with Drew Brees and funoogles. For more information on our Best of Show Award for our work with Drew Brees and his foundation, read here. For our work on the funoogles website, we were presented with the Silver W3 Award in the User Experience category.

award winning website design

Magnetic was originally engaged by the funoogles team to help launch their new product line of customizable kids eyewear to market. We started from the ground up to determine positioning, communication strategy, branding, go-to-market strategy, asset production through photography and videography as well as the design and development of their new website. For a full review of our approach to bringing the brand to life, check out their Brand Story here on our own website.

The unique design of funoogles glasses allows kids to customize the color and style of their specs whenever they choose. With simple interchangeable pieces, kids can change up their style to fit their ever-growing personalities making wearing glasses at a young age so much fun! The challenge for our team was visually communicating the complexity of the ordering process in an easy to understand way. Making the online shopping experience easy enough for kids and parents alike to understand, customize and order.

As the branding took shape visually through lifestyle and product photography, custom illustration, funky kid friendly patterns and a bright color palette, our user experience team set out to convey the same feeling through the user interface design. As we worked the new brand aesthetic into the visual design of the website, our development team started in on theming the storefront. Built on the popular eCommerce platform, Shopify, our team quickly identified product and platform challenges and put a plan in place to work through.

Fully equipped with API integrations for inventory tracking and reporting and a customized order processing layer to account for an aggressive, bundle style product variant feature, we’re proud of the final product. Watching the teamwork unfold to create the funoogles website has been an amazing experience and the brand is off to a great start.

Give the website a view here, we’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.

About the W3 Awards:

The W3 Awards honors creative excellence on the web and recognizes the people behind award- winning sites, marketing programs, social content, mobile site/apps and online video. In honoring the best of the Web, the W3 Awards is the first major web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between. Small firms are as likely to win as Fortune 500 companies and international agencies.

In its tenth year the W3 Awards received over 5,000 entries from Ad agencies, Public Relations Firms, Interactive Agencies, In-house creative professionals, Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Web Enthusiasts.

“We were amazed at the caliber and quality of work we received this year from the smallest agencies to the biggest firms worldwide. As the Web continues to expand in new and exciting ways, our winners continue to truly push the envelope of Internet creativity and web design,” said Linda Day, the director of the IAVA. “On behalf of the 600+ members of The Academy Interactive and Visual Arts, we are honored to recognize our winners as they continue to set a high standard of excellence for Web development.”

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