MAGNETIC featured in Print Magazine Design Annual

Branding & Design work awarded amongst the 348 Best American Designs of 2015 by Print Magazine

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MAGNETIC featured in Print Magazine Design Annual

As a surprise to end out 2015, MAGNETIC was recently informed of our branding and design work for Pieology being featured in Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual for 2015. “The 348 Best American Designs of 2015” – the Regional Design Annual is one of the industry’s most prestigious and well-respected American design recognitions. As the only comprehensive survey of U.S. design by region, tens of thousands of art directors, studios, design agencies and creative professionals look to the RDA every year to find the country’s top design work and talent. We’re honored to find ourselves amongst the 348 chosen.

magnetic print magazine design annual review

Branding a Growing Fast Casual Restaurant Chain

Pieology engaged MAGNETIC Creative to re-brand their growing fast casual restaurant chain from the crust up. As the team analyzed the competition, digested the branding needs and established the new personality, the visual approach and messaging took shape. As part of our visual merchandising execution we reimagined their Quote wall which has been a focus of owner Carl Chang’s vision since inception. Keeping the existing concept in tact, we created a visually striking execution through custom, hand illustrated quotes paired with inspirational photography. We surrounded the illustrations with additional quotes designed using a system of customized Pieology brand fonts. The final execution, awarded in Print Magazine, has changed the perception of customers “waiting” in line. The illustrated quotes continue to be shared socially by patrons across the nation.

The type exploration for the quote wall has been super rewarding professionally. In such a digitally focused world, it’s rad to be able to step back and focus on the craft of hand lettering. – Kyle Troutman

kyle troutman illustratorhand illustrated quotes

Infusing Personality as the Main Ingredient

As part of our restaurant branding strategy, we aimed our focus on perceiving the customer as an artist. The crust being the canvas and the endless topping selection being the medium. Communicating the concept took shape through a series of art pieces we call “Pizza Mandalas.” A carefully executed combination of hand placed ingredients photographed on clean backgrounds coupled with quirky, typographically treated plays on words. Each Mandala visually portrays a brand persona in unison with a unique flavor profile while the creative spin on words ties the whole piece together. The final artwork was printed and used for window graphics and in-store signage nationally as well as website and social media assets. The new brand is in its infancy, but has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback to the new personality of Pieology.

It’s been really cool seeing the Mandalas come to life. We do a lot of research up front when taking on a branding project like this. When the visual execution is so playful and vibrant, it really shows the strength of our efforts from start to finish. – David Carrillo

restaurant branding agency

Moving into 2016 we look to make new connections with inspirational brands. We take pride in our work. Seeing it featured in such prestigious publications as Print Magazine is an honor our entire team celebrates.

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