Investment Company Branding

investment company branding

Positioning An Investment Company For A New Generation Of Investors

In a world of far-too-common emotional and volatile investment, Methodical specialises in longer-term funds – combining high experience and best practice with systematic, data-intensive technology to deliver a higher Alpha (absolute excess on return) with lower risk.

As such, Methodical required a Brand Identity that would allow them to shift into this white space with confidence.

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Turning Conventional Wisdom On Its Head

Investment Brand Positioning with Unconventional Rational

We faced a market inundated with investment brands and marketing, as well as a herd mentality of trepidation when it comes to anything other than ‘the way it’s done’. Furthermore, every icon, symbol, metaphor and analogy seemed to have been tapped dry.

We positioned Methodical as unconventionally rationale – a boutique offering for a new generation of investors: the Alpha Generation. Individuals unsatisfied with the status quo, wishing to challenge conventional thinking and conduct the business of investing differently.

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"To have such a unique opportunity to create a "live brand CI" and what’s more, have a client trust your concept wholeheartedly is why we do what we do. We were able to make analytics, math and pure business performance sexy and give it a visual personification."

Emile Fick

Creative Director

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Taking On A Made-Up-Its-Mindset

Investment Data Led Creative Design

What better way to show confidence in your investment methodology, than to base it on your actual investment performance track record? We started with a 2D graph and using algorithms similar to the ones employed by Methodical, we transformed it into a 3D visual identity that was then applied across all elements. A creative solution to ones and zeros.

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Business As Brand. Brand As Business.

Visual Identity Design for Brand and Business

The visual identity acted as both ice-breaker and a platform for brand and business- storytelling with clients – attracting new investors to Methodical and powerfully solidifying their position of ‘being different because they are’.

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