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Palm Springs Golf Website Design and Development

Creating a website on par with the Escena Golf and Dining experience.

palm springs golf website design

Designing a website on par with the Escena golf and dining experience

Escena Golf partnered with MAGNETIC to reimagine their premier golf and dining property. Escena had 2 domains that needed to strategically combine to create a unified experience for its patrons.

One of the existing sites catered to Golf, and the other site was an information site for a master-planned residential community. MAGNETIC was tasked with bringing this all together seamlessly to create a seamless user experience matching the prestige of the Escena property.

The web redesign and development consisted of:

  • User Experience Research and Discovery
  • Content Architecture
  • User Interface Design
  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • Content Flow and Population
  • Testing, Launch & Maintenance
digital replatforming escena golf digital replatforming escena golf
Escena Golf Resort Photography

Much more than a golf course

Understanding Audience Segments of the Palm Springs Destination

Working with the team at Escena, we quickly realized how much the property had to offer. This wasn’t just a golf course, there were many facets to Escena that needed to be considered from different customers' points of view.

Yes, Escena is a Nicklaus Designed golf course ranked No. 6 public course in California, but it is also home to an award-winning restaurant, wedding and event spaces, and is the centerpiece of a master-planned community, and we needed to tell the complete story to their client personas.

palm springs golf brand design palm springs golf brand design
Architecture Design
palm springs resort branding palm springs resort branding
Golf Course Photography
palm springs website design palm springs website design
Restaurant Photography

The Escena Golf Website Plan

Exploring User Experience and Content Architecture

Our team started by exploring a new site map, making sure that we created a user experience that allowed users to get to the content they were looking for with as few of clicks as possible.

With UX and content architecture in place, we got started designing high-fidelity wire frames to account for all the content that was to be housed under the new Escena site.

golf course website wireframes golf course website wireframes

Palm Springs Golf Website Design Phase 1

Website Design: Creative Exploration

Before jumping into high-fidelity web designs, our team starts with a creative exploration to align client expectations between the client and the design team.

The team began by assembling mood boards and style tiles to help imagine what the look and feel of the Escena golf website could be. We explored typography, color and web design elements to define how these would all come together to create a look that represented the Palm Springs brand.

palm springs golf website color pallette palm springs golf website color pallette
Utilizing the Natural Colors of Palm Springs

From Human Powered to Empowered Humans

Bringing High End Golf Photography into the Website Design

Escena really wanted the site to showcase the photography they had of the property to drive appeal to potential customers. We worked with images from renowned golf photographers Channing Benjamin, who is well known for his golf landscape photography, and Chris Miller, an award-winning image maker that spans architecture, style and food.

We aimed for the site design to create a gallery feel, while still maintaining a user experience that was modern and easy to navigate.

escena golf website design escena golf website design
custom website design palm springs golf custom website design palm springs golf

Designing the Golf Course Tour

One of the highlight features of the site was the course tour. Again utilizing the stunning course photography of Channing Benjamin we created an interactive carousel that educated golfers on the details of each hole.

""Our objective was to modernize the look and functionality of the site, give distinct representation for the golf and grill (which have different audiences), capitalize on great imagery, simplify the user experience, and be easy to update and maintain.""

John Fitzpatrick

Chief Operating Officer

Catering to all website visitor device types

Optimizing the Mobile User Experience for the Escena Golf Site

Although our research and audit found that the majority of visitors to the site were on a desktop computer, we had to make sure that the Escena site looked as good on mobile as it did on the desktop.

Knowing that paid media campaigns were going to be used to drive traffic and awareness to the site post-launch, it needed to be mobile-friendly and leave the same impression that the desktop view provided.

mobile website design escena palm springs mobile website design escena palm springs

Enhancing the front-end and back-end experience

Developing the Escena Website for Optimal User Experience and Content Administration

The team at Escena Golf were familiar with WordPress, and asked that we utilize the CMS to build the new site. They needed the ability to change out content and images regularly without the need for a developer on staff.

Significant improvements were made to the website to enhance its functionality and user experience. Firstly, implementing a responsive design that adapted to different screen sizes and devices. Secondly, optimizing the site’s loading speed to help reduce bounce rates and increase engagement.

Additionally, we added multiple integrations for user communication and inquiries for restaurant reservations, tee times, and event management.

aerial view escana golf course aerial view escana golf course
Brand Intelligence
  • Research & Discovery
Creative Development
  • Creative Development