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Web Design, Development & Social Integration

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The all weather case company needed all-encompassing marketing help. From asset creation to trade show booth design, Magnetic Creative has played a big role in helping the start up reach its goals.

Lifeproof Story

Tim McGraw

Magnetic Creative, Red Light Management and Big Machine Records partnered up to create a sophisticated digital platform for country superstar, Tim McGraw. Working in parallel with the release of the "Two Lanes of Freedom" album and tour, the campaign connected with his fans like never before.

Tim McGraw Story
John Mayer Website Design
John Mayer Album Artwork


Born and Raised was written in rural Montana with a sound and feeling to match. It evokes the timeless sense of a cowboy drifting on the open range, strumming a guitar by the fire. To help fans connect with the album, we knew we had to thread the unique western and rugged tone throughout the branding, design and development work we were charged with creating.

What We Did

  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Mobile & Tablet
  • Development
  • Social Media
  • Merch / Apparel
  • Branding
  • Traditional Media
John Mayer graphic designer

Tour & Album Branding

Prior to the new Born & Raised album, we created several concepts for the album cover and developed a series of concepts for the tour and album release. We explored a variety of Merch designs for the tour including shirts, bags, buttons etc. The designs represent our heritage - our roots, where we were born and raised. We embraced textures mixed with an americana vintage styling as the basis for the branding creative.

John Mayer Album Artwork
John Mayer Music Logo Design
John Mayer Music Logo Design
John Mayer Music Logo Design
John Mayer Music Logo Design
John Mayer logo mark design
John Mayer logo mark design
John Mayer Born and Raised logo
John Mayer initials logo
Band Merch Design for John Mayer
Band Merch Design for John Mayer

The Site

In support of John's highly anticipated Born & Raised album and world tour, we were tasked with developing a site that was highly social and fully responsive. We immersed ourselves in the mind of the fan in order to develop a user experience that connected with fans on every digital platform. To account for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, we designed a custom grid layout for providing a seamless responsive experience. In order to stay connected with fans via John's social media networks, we pulled in photos, videos, and news through an aggregated social feed. This engaged fans daily with constant up to date content. We also developed a dynamic tour section with a customized google map display of tour stop locations. John's new site was developed on a custom tailored CMS developed in Python/Django, and deployed onto the Heroku cloud hosting platform.

Music industry website design

Website Features

social stats John Mayer


Visits in the first day and a sold-out tour in less than 2 hours

social stats John Mayer

Social Experience

Music fans are extremely social and JM wanted to interact with his fan base in a unique and authentic way. Our goal was to leverage fan engagement through social interaction to organically bring the album to life, increase album/ticket sales and promote merch. We encouraged them to create content and share it with others through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube generating a social centric digital experience. Using sharing as our vehicle to create buzz, we then aggregated all the content into the site, tablet and mobile experience so fans could always stay connected. #bornandraised #johnmayer

Social Media Marketing for Musicians
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social integration
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Mobile Website Development

Mobile Development

After evaluating JM’s fan base and traffic over the past years, there was a huge increase in mobile and tablet visits to the site. It was imperative we addressed this within the re-design by providing a seamless, responsive experience across devices. Magnetic developed unique features for both tablet and mobile sites that created an app like experience for fans and made it easy to share and contribute content.

Mobile Visits 152 Percent Increase

Merch Design

Since 2009 we’ve designed and developed a wide variety of merch for JM. Tour posters, individual show posters, shirts, hats, buttons and more. We looked at every design as an opportunity to create history, things fans would treasure for years to come. We also created email blast templates to assist in merch and ticket sales.

john mayer battle studies summer tour
tour schedule design
brand emblem design
battle studies art and design
john mayer battle studies tour
john mayer battle studies tour
john mayer battle studies tour
John Mayer concert crowd

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