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Helping design all-new brands is a blast, especially when you’re working with a product as unique as funoogles. The New York-based company creates customizable prescription eyewear for kids, with a ton of snap-on styles you can change up every day. But the brand’s journey to first-of-its-kind product begins with the family behind it all.

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It was a day like any other when Jessica Darcy noticed a glare in her daughter’s eye. Ella-Jane, a healthy, happy 5-year-old girl would be diagnosed with a congenital cataract in her right eye, a disease that had gone undetected since birth, and now threatened to steal her sight.

Thanks to Jessica’s persistence and a cutting edge procedure, Ella-Jane’s sight would be restored, but she would have to wear glasses. After a long search, she chose a pair of pink flowered frames, but like 5-year-olds do, it wasn’t long before she grew tired of the single style. And so it was the morning of her daughter’s discontent when Jessica had the idea for funoogles.

What We Did

  • Branding Strategy
  • Photography
  • Website
  • Custom Illustration
  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • Website Design
funoogles photography

Designing the Brand

After hearing Jessica’s story firsthand, we were dying to know more about Ella-Jane. What’s she like? Who does she look up to? Did she find a favorite color combo for her glasses? Every brand has it’s unique qualities, and with every answer we heard, it grew clearer that Ella-Jane’s personality would be the centerpiece of funoogles’ brand.

Our challenge became translating her sass and vibrance and character into a complete brand identity that feels cool to kids and easy to parents.

funoogles logo design
funoogles logo design

Character Illustration

As we started thinking about these kids, we wanted to relate to their sense of individuality. The Friends of funoogles is a troupe of little monsters, each with different personalities and stories designed to appeal to kids.

funoogles logo design
funoogles logo design

The monsters would garner their own spotlight on our website, and provide a source of sharable content on social channels. Plus, in the process of designing them, we found a ton of great colors and patterns to tie in across brand touchpoints.

vizzie from funoogles
spec from funoogles
leni from funoogles
iris from funoogles
funoogles logo design

Packaging Design

funoogles creates Rx and non-Rx glasses and sunglasses for a range of young ages, and while our cartoon creations might appeal to adolescents, to young adults–not so much. That’s why we designed a distinct sets of packaging for both age ranges using patterns we developed to complement each character. The colorful sleeves can be refreshed and updated anytime, and waiting inside is a copy of Ella-Jane’s story.

funoogles packaging design
funoogles product mockup
funoogles packaging design

The Impossible Deadline - Accomplished

Roughly halfway through the brand development phase, we got word that funoogles would be featured on The View’s popular segment, Must-Have-Monday. With such an great opportunity to build momentum, the Magnetic team bought a case of Red Bull and hunkered down to plan our execution strategy.

After a long week of late nights and tapping our network of tech heads and creatives, we were able to fast track funoogles’ official launch by developing a branded ecommerce site in little more than a week.

8 Days


2 Days


2 Days


1 Day


2 Days

Studio Photography

funoogles is all about letting kids express their individuality everyday. Kids don’t have to wear that same ‘ol pair of boring glasses anymore, they can mix it up. Have some fun, pick your own style and change it the next day. It’s all about you. We set out to capture all different kinds of personalities, styles and have some laughs along the way with this photoshoot. Great bunch of kids, a little bit of dancing, smiling and lots of sugar.

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eCommerce Website Design

We set out to make an easy way for parents to purchase, and a fun place to get kids excited about their eyewear. With customizable starter packs, a la carte snap-on clips, and a growing list of colors to choose from, the complexities of our ecommerce solution demanded that design be as simple as possible.

Much like the popular Warby Parker brand, is as much ecommerce as it is brand story. With sections dedicated our philanthropic efforts, the Friends of funoogles and Ella-Jane’s story, we are able to convey the expressive, compassionate, imaginative side of our brand.

Drag the Laptop Screen

funoogles website mockup
funoogles product mockup