Fugoo Brand Story

Branding The Go Anywhere Speaker

Life Technologies Brand Story

Life Technologies

Magnetic Creative worked with Life Technologies - a leader in the biotech industry - to develop sophisticated creative messaging and brand strategy.

Life Technologies Story


Branding startup companies is a blast, especially when you’re working with a product as unique as funoogles.

Funoogles Story


Introducing FUGOO, the world’s toughest Bluetooth Speaker. The challenge was to craft an ownable market position for an unknown new brand in an extremely saturated category. The product is amazing, the people behind it - brilliant, the rest was up to Magnetic to set FUGOO apart.

Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Photography
  • Print Collateral
  • Branded Video
  • Video Production
  • Content
  • Website Design
  • Mobile & Tablet
  • Social Media
  • Events & Merch Design
  • Advertising & Media Buy
FUGOO brand activation campaign

Building the Brand

We started from the ground up, FUGOO had some key benefits that we felt we could focus on – Extremely rugged, 100% waterproof, 40hrs of battery life, 360 degree sound and customizable jackets. We analyzed the competition and explored what the consumer was looking for in a Bluetooth speaker. What emerged became the foundation to the brand. Our position – establish ourselves as “The Go-Pro of Audio.” FUGOO, The Go Anywhere Speaker, is a lifestyle centric brand rooted in adventure, inspiration and quality of life.

the go anywhere speaker
fugoo style
fugoo tough
fugoo sport
beam of light
beam of light

We Brought the Lens In House

Building a lifestyle brand from nothing, we needed to establish memorable visuals and video assets. We shoot and produce our own assets so we stay connected and intimate with the brand. Our Southern California location gives us access to beach, mountain, desert, and city settings which was perfect when shooting for the Go Anywhere Speaker. We captured key lifestyle shots in Big Bear, Pasadena and La Jolla showcasing the FUGOO speaker in action. Every shot explored the durability of the speaker - snow, water, mud and sand, FUGOO is able to withstand all the elements in your life.

The Magnetic team was such a blast to work with, one of the best times I've had on a shoot! - @NikkiHoward (Model)
fugoo snowproof speaker
fugoo tough bluetooth speaker surfer
fugoo sport speaker on the beach
fugoo speaker bike mount
fugoo speaker at beach bonfire Play

Tabletop Photography

We wanted to create some set images that allude to the everyday lifestyle featuring the different FUGOO speakers in a series of typical environments. Magnetic styled, shot and produced these images with our in-house studio. The assets were developed to be used in social media, on the website and in print collateral. Explore a little and scroll through a see a few of our favorites, we are shooting more every week!

addy award
2014 Silver Addy Award

2014 Lookbook

We approached the product lookbook similar to a lifestyle clothing brand’s seasonal launch. Culture first with authentic product integration. Taking the FUGOO into environments so customers could connect with it. Each jackets design, STYLE, SPORT & TOUGH, have their own unique personality so aligned the visual story to match a similar lifestyle appeal. The delicate balance of lifestyle, technology, key features and accessories yields an inspiring product catalog that is playful, engaging and apparently award-winning.

We Didn't Build a Site, We Built an Experience

After building the visual tone and messaging platform for the brand, we turned our minds to digital where the brand lives and breathes. As consumers we enjoy sites that are intuitive, fun to explore and social by nature. We share great content so we create content people want to share with others. Ultimately, the site needed to clearly tell the FUGOO story, explain the product benefits and create an intelligent buying experience. We started with a detailed UI/UX approach to understand user habits and the overall flow from homepage to cart. The simplicity of the site interface and the bold use of content, video and navigation really brought the brand to life online. After launching the website, the response was amazing - per page engagement, time on site, sales and overall social interaction from consumers was better than we could have imagined. As we continue to roll out the digital strategy for FUGOO, we keep close tabs on the data so we can continue to evolve the site and improve the brand and overall online sales experience.

fugoo website homepage hero
fugoo ecommerce

A Seamless Cart & Checkout Process

We chose Bigcommerce as our e-commerce solution because we liked the simplicity and customizable nature of the store. We needed more than just a shopping cart, we needed scaleability to grow. It allowed Magnetic to make decisions based on what we felt was the right approach for the FUGOO store. We took a more emotive approach to selling the products online using “I WANT ONE” instead of “BUY NOW” because it matched the personality of the brand and created demand. Shopping made simple. With one-click users could add the product to their cart add accessories and checkout with ease.

built to withstand the elements
fugoo tough mudproof

Surprise & Delights

Working with such a fun product and so many great product features we looked for every opportunity to capture that spirit of adventure throughout the site and in social media. Above were developed animated outdoor vingettes that build in for the proofs - mud, snow, water and shock which we used online, in digital advertising and in video production. Proving the product is built to withstand the extremes.

Ads, Takeovers, & More

We developed a comprehensive media strategy based on the demographic of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Using a blend of digital, print and events we hit the market hard and A/B tested multiple messages and creative to test the responses to the new FUGOO speaker.

fugoo spokesmodel olivia
fugoo advertising takeover
digital media buy
mobile native advertising

GoPro Mountain Games

We attended an epic event in Vail, Colorado gave FUGOO a chance to test our product with our core audience. We developed a full on the ground event strategy, in-booth display experience with a dunk tank and all out social media blitz. FUGOO girls accompanied by pro snowboarder Mason Aguierre hit the streets talking to people, giving away product and interviewing athletes. It was amazing to see the product in action. We strapped it to kayaks, stand up paddle boards, slack liners, carabinered it on rock climbers and captured it all in video and photo with our content creation team. Overall the event was a massive success, sales and social engagement saw a huge lift.

speaker demo at gopro games
fugoo speaker play dirty
fugoo tough clipped on backpack
fugoo go pro event
speaker demo at gopro games
speaker demo at gopro games
speaker demo at gopro games Play