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Our Process for Taking One of the Largest Music Libraries Available to New Heights

ALIBI Music Branding marketing

Setting up a Brand's Web Presence for Success you can Hear

Turning a Production Music Library Up to 11

By the time ALIBI Music and Magnetic synced up, it already had solid industry recognition, glowing customer testimonials, a star-studded user base, and oh yeah, more than 250,000 tracks worth of Hollywood-ready production music & sound effects (SFX). Despite all of this, the up-and-coming audio library still needed a shot in the arm. That’s where we came in.

For all ALIBI had going for it, there was one glaring issue: its user experience. ALIBI could have the best production music in the world, but if its customers couldn’t find the tracks they were looking for – and fast – the show, as they say, could not go on. So in 2019, Magnetic struck an engagement with ALIBI Music with a few goals in mind:

  1. Develop a foundational brand DNA that would lay out what makes ALIBI Music an indispensable asset to storytellers everywhere.
  2. Completely redesign and redevelop an eCommerce site that put ALIBI’s diverse music library, professional search tools, and direct licensing functionality in the spotlight.
  3. Define and engage ALIBI’s customer personas through organic and paid social media, email blasts, and good old SEO.
Alibi music website design Alibi music website design
Vocalizing the Brand story

Developing A Brand Strategy That Makes ALIBI Sing

Upon looking at ALIBI’s competitive landscape – along with the needs of filmmakers, trailer editors, music supervisors, and other storytellers, one industry truth rang loud and clear: finding the perfect track for a project can take forever.

If ALIBI was going to differentiate itself from its scattered competitors, we had to embody The Unsung Hero so that our users could become the hero of their own story.

Alibi Music Brand strategy and design Alibi Music Brand strategy and design

“Perhaps his most endearing quality is his deep respect for your integrity. The Unsung Hero understands your creations are not his own. He sets aside his point of view to adopt your point of emphasis. He’s just happy to be a vessel for your vision, behind the curtain, hidden from credits, unsung, but never unfelt.” In your hands, data is destiny.

Well Designed Web Experiences

Developing a Best-in-Class Music Library Search Engine and User Experience

The new sought to make licensing music & SFX easy (if not enjoyable) for storytellers from all industries and backgrounds.

On one streamlined site, you can leverage a robust search engine that helps you accurately whittle down hundreds of thousands of tracks in a single click, then go on to actually license your winners for placement. But that’s only scratching the surface of what ALIBI’s new site offers.


  • Introducing the First-Ever ALIBI Music Subscription
    Previously reserved for top studios, agencies, and trailer houses, Magnetic helped ALIBI roll out an affordable subscription service that would put Hollywood-quality music & SFX in the hands of YouTubers, Twitch streamers, podcasters, and other independent storytellers.

  • Looping in ALIBI Game Loops
    The new also features a library of over 1,000 high-quality game loops, which are specially formatted for video game developers. Magnetic helped ALIBI reach yet another new audience by educating indie game devs via the ALIBlog (its online content hub), and by establishing a presence at popular gaming conferences like GDC and E3.

  • You Get an ALIBI Music Extension! And You Get an ALIBI Music Extension! And You Get an ALIBI Music Extension!
    If the new site wasn’t enough, how about a free plug-in that brings all of’s search power and direct licensing functionality right within Premiere Pro? Sure, a free and functional Premiere Pro extension may sell itself, but we still put together a bang-up landing page that shows off the bells and whistles.

  • Winning Visibility with SEO
    Similar to ALIBI’s amazing music, what good is a beautiful new website if no one can find it? Magnetic’s growth marketing and copy teams worked together to devise a keyword-focused content strategy that satisfies both soul and search engine.
Alibi Website creative development Alibi Website creative development
ALIBI music search engine development ALIBI music search engine development
Alibi music seo and social media Alibi music seo and social media

Stocking Our Social Feeds with All of the New Sounds

To keep in touch with fans and drive new traffic to, Magnetic executes a monthly editorial calendar that includes organic and paid social media, monthly emails, ALIBlog posts, and more. As for content? We aren’t just playing the hits.

  • New Album & Playlist Features
    ALIBI releases 5-10 new albums every month. We draw listeners in by teasing new cover art with :15 track samples. The hookier the better.

  • Featured Placements
    We further established credibility on social by sharing popular trailers, shows, and commercials featuring ALIBI Music. Bonus points if Kathryn Hahn is in the thumbnail.

  • Artist & Employee Spotlights
    Another core piece of our social strategy involves interviews with ALIBI’s amazing employees and artists. These types of posts invite followers to look behind the curtain and see what makes ALIBI, ALIBI. 
Alibi social media design Alibi social media design

ALIBI’s Story is Just Beginning

Thanks to ALIBI and Magnetic’s collective hard work, has seen a 471.5% increase in organic site traffic in the last year alone. ALIBI Music Subscriptions are selling like a soon-to-be Platinum record to an untapped audience. And ALIBI the brand has laid all the necessary groundwork to dominate the production audio space. As for us? We can’t wait for an encore.

Alibi Growth driven creative Alibi Growth driven creative