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Our proven methodology is agnostic to industry, product, service or individual. We partner with companies to bring clarity to their brand, offering and customers in order to build a personalized marketing plan and foster genuine customer experiences.


Everything we do begins with detailed research and discovery. We analyze market trends, evaluate the competitive landscape and immerse ourselves in the client's business to make intelligent brand decisions.


At the foundation of every successful engagement is a comprehensive strategic plan. We collaborate with our clients to understand what success looks like, then formulate a streamlined plan of attack and set benchmarks and track the results.


Successful creative is always rooted in strategy. We exist to humanize brands, create with intent and connect with audiences. By finding the true essence of a company, it allows us to visualize and communicate “why” your brand matters to your customers.


Now it’s time to turn set a bunch of little fires and see which ones burn brightest. Using a variety of media, content and marketing tactics, we focus on engaging people where they interact and live. Always looking for ways to increase brand awareness, build relationships and drive sales.


At the completion of each campaign, we spend time understanding the results. We look at the metrics, find key insights and implement adjustments to make informed marketing decisions on future brand initiatives.


Happy clients means we're doing something right. That my friend calls for a frosty cold one, a glass of bubbly or big high five! We take pride in our client's success, it's what keeps us coming back for more.

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We leverage brand intelligence to develop meaningful content and engage people with actionable brand experiences that spark human connection. Turning stories into conversations, impressions into relationships and campaigns into results.


  • Business Strategy & Consulting
  • Brand Strategy & Workshops
  • Market Research / Analysis
  • Brand Development (DNA)
  • Positioning - US & International
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming and Logo Development
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Product Launch Strategy
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Global / Regional Launch Strategy


  • Creative Brand Campaigns
  • Print / Digital Advertising
  • Media Planning and Placement
  • Product Activation Campaigns
  • Brand Identity Systems
  • Brochures / Sales Tools + Collateral
  • Packaging / Out-of-Box Experience
  • Retail Strategy / Point of Purchase
  • Events / Tradeshows
  • Apparel / Merch Design
  • Scriptwriting / Copywriting


  • Customer Experience and UI/UX
  • Responsive Design / Development
  • Mobile / Apps / E-commerce
  • Social Media / Community Management
  • Video Production / Motion Graphics
  • Broadcast, Commercial TV & Radio
  • Content Creation / Branded Content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing / Lead Generation
  • SEO / SEM / PPC / Retargeting
  • Email Marketing / Blog Development


We Are... Adventure Seekers. Brand Builders. Strategic Thinkers. Content Creators. Creative Monsters. Technology Whisperers. Horizon Chasers. Truth Finders. Straight Shooters. And Genuine Down to Earth Folks. Sound like your kind of tribe? Let’s create something amazing together.

Dave Korinek, Managing Partner, Global Director - Strategy + Creative at Magnetic Creative

Dave Korinek

Managing Partner, Global Director - Strategy + Creative
David Carrillo, Partner, Creative Director at Magnetic Creative

David Carrillo

Partner, Creative Director
Matt Simpson, Partner, Digital Director at Magnetic Creative

Matt Simpson

Partner, Digital Director
Mia Pitino, Operations Manager at Magnetic Creative

Mia Pitino

Operations Manager
Kasey Mahoney, Sr. Designer at Magnetic Creative

Kasey Mahoney

Sr. Designer
Scott Middough, Digital Content Producer at Magnetic Creative

Scott Middough

Digital Content Producer
Lauren Spinelli, Account Director at Magnetic Creative

Lauren Spinelli

Account Director
Colin McGraw, Senior Developer at Magnetic Creative

Colin McGraw

Senior Developer
Brittany Snyder, Account Executive at Magnetic Creative

Brittany Snyder

Account Executive
Kyle Troutman, Assoc. Art Director at Magnetic Creative

Kyle Troutman

Assoc. Art Director
Jeff Horn, Creative Director at Magnetic Creative

Jeff Horn

Creative Director
Careers @ MAG, View Open Positions at Magnetic Creative

Careers @ MAG

View Open Positions
Etienne Bruwer, Managing Partner, COO at Magnetic Creative

Etienne Bruwer

Managing Partner, COO
Paul Venter, Managing Partner, CFO at Magnetic Creative

Paul Venter

Managing Partner, CFO
Althia Kapp, Quality Control at Magnetic Creative

Althia Kapp

Quality Control
Dean Jackson, Partner, Creative Director at Magnetic Creative

Dean Jackson

Partner, Creative Director
Lani Bruwer, Managing Director at Magnetic Creative

Lani Bruwer

Managing Director
Marissa Rosseuw, Photographer at Magnetic Creative

Marissa Rosseuw

Savannah Herbst, Asst. Photographer at Magnetic Creative

Savannah Herbst

Asst. Photographer
Emile Fick, Art Director & Part-time Dark Lord at Magnetic Creative

Emile Fick

Art Director & Part-time Dark Lord
Kayla Archer, Jr. Graphic Designer at Magnetic Creative

Kayla Archer

Jr. Graphic Designer
Nadia Blume, Account Manager at Magnetic Creative

Nadia Blume

Account Manager
Jake Tyler, Account Executive / Biz Dev at Magnetic Creative

Jake Tyler

Account Executive / Biz Dev
Tommy Eggert, Account Coordinator / Food Stylist at Magnetic Creative

Tommy Eggert

Account Coordinator / Food Stylist
Derrick Hales, Brand Strategist at Magnetic Creative

Derrick Hales

Brand Strategist
Gerrie Van Niekerk, Finance Manager at Magnetic Creative

Gerrie Van Niekerk

Finance Manager
Lauren Frates, Graphic Designer at Magnetic Creative

Lauren Frates

Graphic Designer
Eric Kroupa, Copywriter at Magnetic Creative

Eric Kroupa

Trey Evans, Content Marketing Manager at Magnetic Creative

Trey Evans

Content Marketing Manager
Jonis Perez, Partner, Creative Director at Magnetic Creative

Jonis Perez

Partner, Creative Director
Brett Lorenz, Media Manager at Magnetic Creative

Brett Lorenz

Media Manager
Eli Weiner, Director of Video Production at Magnetic Creative

Eli Weiner

Director of Video Production
Sam Tuor, Cinematographer / Editor at Magnetic Creative

Sam Tuor

Cinematographer / Editor
Erik Cruz, Digital Content Producer at Magnetic Creative

Erik Cruz

Digital Content Producer
Thomas Condry, Graphic Designer at Magnetic Creative

Thomas Condry

Graphic Designer
David Oldfield, Partner, Creative Director at Magnetic Creative

David Oldfield

Partner, Creative Director
Mani Salazar, Senior Designer at Magnetic Creative

Mani Salazar

Senior Designer
Mithra Mahdavi, Video Production Coordinator at Magnetic Creative

Mithra Mahdavi

Video Production Coordinator
Doug Alcantara, Senior Developer at Magnetic Creative

Doug Alcantara

Senior Developer
Mia Shaner, Content / Information Architect at Magnetic Creative

Mia Shaner

Content / Information Architect
Michael Gannon-Pitts, Content Marketing Producer at Magnetic Creative

Michael Gannon-Pitts

Content Marketing Producer
Meghan Cole, Creative Copywriter at Magnetic Creative

Meghan Cole

Creative Copywriter
Haley LeDuff, Content Coordinator at Magnetic Creative

Haley LeDuff

Content Coordinator
Nick Alcantara, Front-End Developer at Magnetic Creative

Nick Alcantara

Front-End Developer
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