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(We help brands navigate their industry by focusing on strategic growth tactics)
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Magnetic Show Reel - 2023

We’re a trusted brand growth acceleration partner to established brands and tomorrow’s newest industry leaders.

In a sea of countless creative / branding / digital agencies that can be found with a simple Google search, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Many claim expertise in specific industries or services, while others lack that elusive "it" factor altogether.

We reject narrow niches and cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we delve deep into your brand, conducting thorough research. No one-off executions or trend-chasing here.

At MAGNETIC, we go beyond surface-level collaboration. We partner with your brand, igniting inspiration and guiding growth. Our team is well-equipped to tackle the demands of modern business, and ready to captivate the hearts and minds of today's savvy consumers.


Since 2006, MAGNETIC has been the torch bearer helping to light the path forward for some amazing brand partners.

Service Pillars

Feat- ured Work

(We live by the motto - "our best work is still ahead of us" - here's what we've done to date)

Agency Statis- tics

(This isn't our first rodeo, or our second, we've been growing brands for over 15 years)
  • 18

    Years in business with the same executive team

  • 4.2

    Years on average for a client relationship

  • 7

    Timezones our team operates in

  • 268

    Successful client relationships since launching the agency

  • 6

    Average team members assigned to grow your brand

  • 3.4

    Average team retention (industry average 1.6 years)

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